The overall objective of the project is to contribute and support the efforts of the Government of Armenia to significantly (up to 20%) reduce the rate of accidents, injury, and death associated with road transport.

Project description

The Project provides the support through improvement of black spots and road safety management capacity development and contribute to the following:
improving black spots on several roads of intense traffic;
-updating of Armenian road design standards to reflect the EU and international best practice on road safety and increased focus on vulnerable road users;
-developing Road Safety Audit capacity in Armenia and better integration of Road Safety Audit in all EU supported road projects in line with the EU Directive 2008/96/EC on Road Infrastructure Safety Management;
-stronger capacity and processes within the Promoter and Road Police to manage planning, design and operation of safer roads.

The project will be implemented in 3 phases:
-Phase 1: Pre-construction (including design review, sites inspection, black spots selection, road safety audits etc.);
-Phase 2: Road safety capacity building
-Phase 3: Construction supervision (including Post-construction road safety audit)

 About Road Safety (RS) in Armenia

The rate of road traffic fatalities in Armenia is 18.3/100,000 population according to the World Health Organization 2015 Global Status Report on Road Safety.

This is the highest rate in any Eastern European or Caucasus country, and costs an estimated 4.62% of GDP/year.

LAST UPDATE: 30.07.2020.


Project purpose
(i) ensuring proper quality of black spots improvement works; and
(ii) supporting capacity development for relevant authorities and stakeholders with the aim of reaching international standards regarding road safety

The Republic of Armenia, Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure

European Investment Bank

Project period
2019 - 2020 (ongoing)


Phase 1: Pre-construction:

  • Task 1. Review and update of the existing detailed design documents for RS works
  • Task 2. Elaboration of detailed design and TDs for RS works
  • Task 3. Black spots identification, elaboration of detailed design and TDs for RS works
  • Task 4. Proposal for future RS improvement projects
Phase 2: RS capacity building
  • Task 1. Road design standards review and organisation of stakeholder’s workshop
  • Task 2. Developing a local capacity to undertake RSA including RS auditors training and proposal for updated Armenian planning and design procedures
Phase 3: Construction supervision

Upon completion of each task under the Phase 1 by the Consultant, the Client will announce a tender and conclude contracts for the works. Consequently, the Consultant will implement works technical supervision upon the commencement of works.


Aleksandar Trifunović
Head of Department
Tel + 381 11 38 35 040