Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) highlights the involvement and participation of citizens and other entities through the harmonization of decisions in different sectors such as transport, spatial and urban planning, etc.

Project description

SUMP transforms transportation system from classic, primary adapted to cars, into system adapted to sustainable forms of traffic – walking, cycling, public transport and eco friendly transport which has positive effect on complete urban environment.
City benefits from SUMP by the improved life quality, reduction of negative traffic impacs on environment, improved traffic network, availability and accessibility for larger number of citizens, avoiding possible conflicts, facilitating the implementation of environmental programs and complying with the guidelines of the Kyoto Protocol, harmonizing with EU regional policy and creating conditions for access to European funds.
The metodology of SUMP development as well as the content of the plan are in accordance with the EU guidelines, defined within the “Guidelines Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan ”(2014), European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

 About SUMP

Over 70% of European citizens live in cities, generating 85% of Europe's GDP, while nine out of ten Europeans believe that traffic in the area where they live can be improved.
In 2009, European Union adopted the first Action Plan for the development and urban mobility.

LAST UPDATE: 31.07.2020.


Project purpose
Development of sustainable transport system in city urban mobility

City of Belgrade, Serbia

Secretariat for transport

Project period
2019 - 2020 (ongoing)


  • Determing potential for successful SUMP,
  • Deffining the development process and scope of the plan,
  • Analysis of current mobility state,
  • Development of a common vision of mobility,
  • Active public informing,
  • Identification of priorities,
  • Development of an efficient package of measures (infrastructural, organizational and other measures),
  • Distribution of responsibilities and financing,
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the plan,
  • Checking the quality of the plan


Aleksandar Trifunović
Head of Department
Tel + 381 11 38 35 040