Development of Preliminary Design for Priority Bypass Component of the Adriatic‐Ionian Highway in Montenegro - Section Budva Bypass, subsection 1.1.

Project description

Budva bypass was selected as the priority bypass in the Adriatic‐Ionian Highway (AIH), as part of core SEETO network, Route 1, in Montenegro. The purpose of this project is to develop necessary technical documentation which will be required by the EU IFIs to finance construction of new expressway which meet requirements for the TEN-T standards.
Preliminary Design and other studies were prepared for construction of full profile of new expressway connecting sections between Petrovac and Tivat with two traffic lanes in both directions for speed of minimum 80km/h, due to the extremely difficult terrain conditions.


  • Total length of section is 14km
  • Number of interchanges: 3
  • Two access roads: total length 7.15km
  • Design speed (full-profile expressway): 80 km/h
  • Number Viaducts/bridges (on expressway): 14
  • Number of tunnels: 5

LAST UPDATE: 03.04.2019


Project purpose
Improvement of road network

Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs


Project period


Following activities are carried out as a part of this assignment:

  • Mobilization and data collection
  • Geodetic (topographic) Surveys and mapping
  • Geotechnical, hydrological and hydro-geological investigations and elaborations
  • Preliminary Design as per EU practice
  • Design of main alignment
  • Pavement Design
  • Design of bridges
  • Design of tunnels
  • Design of retaining structures
  • Design of drainage system
  • Design of river regulations
  • Design of landscape
  • Design of tunnels equipment
  • Design of interchanges
  • Design of access roads
  • Design of utilities reallocation
  • Design of Traffic signalling, Equipment and ITS
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment including Stakeholders Engagement Plan, the Environmental and Social Action Plan and the Resettlement Policy Framework


Ivana Stevanović
Head of Department
Roads, Railways and Airports
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