Analysis of traffic safety for railway level crossings in the City of Belgrade.

Project description

Level crossings, as a place of interaction between road and railway traffic, crate a series of negative effects, among which the most prominent traffic safety, stopping and withholding road vehicles, and disruption their movement. All this results in endangerment of health and life of humans, then environmental pollution, reduction of quality of life and creating additional external costs. Bearing in mind that there are substantial number of level crossings in the City of Belgrade, there is a strong interest for mitigating the listed negative consequences.

The purpose of this Study was determination of current situation, data collection and comprehensive analysis of the safety, traffic, location, technical parameters and indicators of railway crossings, determination of activities, specific technical solutions and other measures for increasing the level of traffic safety and reduction of the other negative effects.


Study included approx. 130 railway crossings in the City of Belgrade and covered intersection with state roads, city streets, municipal roads and unclassified roads with railways and industrial tracks.

LAST UPDATE: 05.09.2018


Project purpose
Improvement of traffic safety conditions

City of Belgrade

Secretariat for Transportation
City of Belgrade

Project period


- Determination of basic information about railway crossings
- Description of the level of security on level crossings
- Description of road, carriageway and railway crossings
- Analysis of accidents at the level crossings
- Surveying and analysis of road vehicle drivers behavior at the level crossings
- Spatial distribution of the traffic accidents
- Identification, and detailed analysis of traffic parameters for 20 selected level crossings
- Preparation of traffic solution with specific measures and preparation of Pre-Feasibility study for rehabilitation of 5 most dangerous level crossings


Aleksandar Trifunović
Head of Department
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