Preparation of the Main Design for construction of the expressway Ruma-Sabac, as part of extended TEN-T network, route 9a.

Project description

Specific objective of the project was to prepare the Main Design for construction of the expressway Ruma-Sabac for Section 1: Jarak to Hrtkovci (starting from km 45+ 000), end at km 57+900, in the total length of 12.9 km and for Section 2: Hrtkovci to Sava River (starting from km 57+900, end at km 66+145), in the total length of 8.3 km. Development of Main Design would create preconditions for construction of expressway on the subject section, and thus achieving the following goals:
- diverting remote traffic from the existing road to new road
- increase of average exploitation speed, i.e. shorter travel time (about 18 min)
- increasing the level of safety on the existing road
- higher level of safety on the new road.


  • length: 21.2 km
  • full profile expressway (two traffic lanes and no emergency lane in both directions)
  • traffic lanes width 3.5m, central reserve width 2m
  • Number of large bridges: 12
  • Design speed: 100 km/h

LAST UPDATE: 05.04.2019


Project purpose
Improvement of road network

PE Roads of Serbia

PE Roads of Serbia

Project period


Following activities are carried out as a part of this assignment:

  • Preparation of the Construction Design
  • Design of Main Alignment
  • Pavement Structure Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Design of watercourse diversions
  • Minor Structures Design
  • Design of Bridges
  • Design of environmental protection measures including EMP
  • Landscape design
  • Design of traffic equipment and road operating equipment
  • Lightning Design
  • Relocation and protection of the existing telecommunication facilities
  • Design of organisation and technology of construction works
  • Design of the prevention measures
  • Geodetic and geotechnical site investigations
  • Tendering documentation for construction of works according to Serbian procurement procedure and in compliance with the RED FIDIC contracts.


Ivana Stevanović
Head of Department
Roads, Railways and Airports
Tel + 381 11 38 35 040